Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Way Back

Couple old guys sitting on the back porch, chatting, and one mentions he’s happy to report the doctor has his Alzheimer’s almost all cleared up.

The other guy says, “That’s terrific! Who’s your doctor?”

The first guy scratches his head, thinks, scratches his head some more and finally says, “Oh, what is it? Help me out, here: what was that war way back there?”

Second guy asks, “World War II?”

First guy says, “No, waaay back, a long time ago.”

Guy says, “The Civil War?”

The first guy says, “No, the ancient war, with the horse and the ships -- the one they fought over the lady.”

The second guy says, “You mean the Trojan War?”

The fist guy says, “Yes! That’s it. Now that lady they fought over, what was her name?”

The other guy says, “Helen,” and the first guy slaps his forehead, turns in his chair, and bellows into the house, “Helen! What’s my doctor’s name?!”

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